Brief summary of activity

This is a warm up exercise before presenting a radio show. It can be used as a break after the theoretical part.

Aim of the activity

Improve pronunciation

Expected Outcomes

Better articulation


15 min


A list of sentences.

How the activity should take place

The participants will use the muscles in their mouth to improve the way they pronounce words. They chose different sentences and speak them out loud.Examples: „Good morning, you are talking to mister/misses XY"." Three witches watch three swatch watches. Which witch watch which swatch watch?" etc.First you practise a sentence, then you speak it aloud while using this variations:1. tongue on the left, move towards back tooth on the top 2. tongue on the right, move towards back tooth on the top jaw3. tongue on the left move towards back tooth on lower jaw4. tongue on the right move towards back tooth on lower jaw5. tongue on the roof of the mouth near your front teeth6. tongue upright touching the roof of the mouth7. tongue up, rolled up to the back of the roof of the mouth 8. tongue between front teeth and gum9. protrude the tongue after this variations say out loud the sentence again. Do you feel any differences?

Recommended max. number of participants and trainees to trainers ratio

Maximum 12 participants


You can record the sentences before and after the variations

Tips for Trainers

use tongue twisters for this exercise

Analysis and evaluation

The recordings show the differences in the pronunciation depending of the use and position of the tongue in the mouth


Do this exercise as a warm up before presenting a radio show. It is also a good exercise for having a break.
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