Brief summary of activity

This is a practical activity to introduce participants to sound engineering skills.

Aim of the activity

To be able to perform the basic tasks of a technician in a broadcasting studio

Expected Outcomes

At the end of the activity, learners will know:The basic skills of a technicianBasic technical work involved in broadcasting

experience and skills required

A sound engineer should work with the participants in an one to one basis.

infrastructure, setting, resources

An accessible studio.Facilities for editing


1 hour per participant.


CDs or mp3 player, recordings for editing.

How the activity should take place

The participants will describe something (e.g. an early morning situation) without words just using audio material (e.g. soundscapes, other material sources like CDs, internet pools etc.) and the advanced tools for cutting and editing. The goal is to become familiar with the technical tools of editing hardware and software. The results will be listened to, evaluated and discussed by the instructor and the participants. During the feedback round the parameters of sound work should also be profiled.The participants will practise using a mixing console, different players and microphones. This will involve becoming familiar with level meters, various controls and regulators on a mixing console, fades, mixing tunes, and finding the right ratio between them.The participants will practise for half an hour without a break the basic technical skills required for working in a broadcasting studio (e.g. radiomixing songs, learning the correct order of a technician's priorities etc.). A feedback round and an evaluation will follow.

Recommended max. number of participants and trainees to trainers ratio

1 to 1

Risk and possible adaptation

Just keep in mind that Vision Impaired/blind participants and trainees with learning difficulties might require longer training sessions.

Analysis and evaluation

Do participants understandThe basic skills of a technician?Basic technical work involved in broadcasting?


Any time during training
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