Brief summary of activity

This is an exercise to discover the studio if you work with vision impaired and/or blind trainees.

Aim of the activity

That vision impaired/blind trainees can use the studio.

Expected Outcomes

- layout of the studio- Equipment identification- desk operation

experience and skills required

The trainer needs to be familiar with studio equipment and studio desk operation.

infrastructure, setting, resources

Radio StudioAdditional material do make the studio equipment accessible for vision impaired/blind trainees. It is necessary to prepare the studio before the training starts.For example: - put a piece of fabric on the fader of CD 1 and the same kind of fabric at the CD-Player 1. So the VI person can feel, which fader belongs to which device. - prepare all key devices, like CD Players, Microphones and Computer. - to make sure that the person knows how loud the fader should be, put a small piece of tape at the volume limit. So the person can feel on which position the fader needs to be.


40-80 min (depends on the group size)


- a bunch of different coloured fabric, which feels different- tape- CD's

How the activity should take place

The trainer explains the studio equipment. At the same time one after the other can sit at the desk and use the equipment. Have a look at the learning video.

Recommended max. number of participants and trainees to trainers ratio

small groups, like 4 people.if the group is bigger, split in two groups.


the participants which are not sitting at the desk can present a song or improvise an interview together.

Tips for Trainers

Split the group in two smaller groups. This exercise need a lot of attention and introduction from the trainer. Be careful that nobody hits the microphones.


This exercise can be used at any time.
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