Brief summary of activity

This is a practical activity focusing on producing a 30 minute long radio programme

Aim of the activity

To be able to prepare and produce a 30-minute long radio programmeTo be capable of team work

Expected Outcomes

At the end of the activity, participants would have experienced:Preparing a 30-minute live programme using previously prepared material (on-air if possible)Team building (coordination of tasks and the ability to find one's position in a team)Practising the skills taught during the training

infrastructure, setting, resources

Studio or portable studio


2 hours


Audio recordings prepared in advance

How the activity should take place

The instructor will give a very brief instruction to make a programme 30 minutes in length and a deadline to complete it. The participants will use previously prepared material but will have to produce a fresh piece of news and presentation. One group will present their work to the other participants who will serve as an audience. The presenters should manage all the technical work by themselves. The instructor will then give his/her opinion regarding the first presentation. The groups will then change over for a second presentation. Again the instructor will give his/her opinion on the production. After both presentations there will be a feedback session while listening to both products.

Recommended max. number of participants and trainees to trainers ratio

Two for the group, one in the studio, other with the audience group.


If there are enough recordings, and only two teams, the programme could be 60 minutes long. Another possible activity is to assign to all the participants a longer (2-hour) programme in which they have to collaborate.

Analysis and evaluation

Feedback will be provided for each programme.


At the end of training
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