Brief summary of activity

The activity will look at:A history of music on radioThe function of music in contemporary radioAn introduction on the importance of a daily playlistThe principles for creating a playlistThe criteria for selection of musicCreating a playlist

Aim of the activity

A better understanding of the music industry and music as a business and how it affects music programming in radioTo become familiar with the station music guidelines and how to prepare radio playlists according to those principles.

Expected Outcomes

To be informed of the importance of music to radioTo be informed of the influence of commercial interests and how they shape the selection of music on a contemporary radio station's airwavesTo become familiar with the principles of preparing radio playlists and learning how to prepare a basic radio playlist

experience and skills required

Good Knowledge of station music guidelines

infrastructure, setting, resources

Different playersA studio


1 hour


CDs and other musical releasesDifferent players

How the activity should take place

This workshop should last one hour. The participants will be divided into groups. Each participant will choose 5-10 CDs from those that he/she has brought from home or from those in the CD library of the radio station. The CDs are piled up according to their music genre. Then each group will produce their own playlist using suggestions from all the participants as to what should be put in, why, what should follow etc. The sequence of songs will be briefly listened to. The trainer will then introduce station music guidelines. At the end of the workshop the participants will be given homework. Everyone will have to prepare his/her own playlist at home.The participants will bring their homework (the playlists they have made according to the standards they have learned during the workshop). The playlists will be presented in brief and then listened to. The selection, sequence and other elements (mixes, flow, dynamics etc.) in them will discussed.A selection of the playlists will also be listened to again and checked in detail and their elements discussed.

Recommended max. number of participants and trainees to trainers ratio

4 participants to 1 trainer for vision impaired/blind participants and people with learning difficulties.

Tips for Trainers

Have different versions of music guidelines for participants (word files to be sent to vision impaired/blind participants).

Group or individual work depending on the activity. Participants will be invited to bring their own music selection

Analysis and evaluation

The playlists will be evaluated considering:mix of musicrelevance to the programme themestation music guidelines


This is a good introductory session for the studio.
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