Brief summary of activity

This activity will exercise research and scripting skills, as participants will be require to find news items in their community and construct a news item around them.

Aim of the activity

To be able to write reliable, interesting, dynamic and informative radio news

Expected Outcomes

By the end of the activity, participants will know how to:Find informationFind sources of informationEvaluate sources and materialsSelect and sort news in order of importancePractise news writingEvaluate news in terms of their value for the general public

experience and skills required

Trainer requires facilitation and scripting skills.


2 hours

How the activity should take place

The participants will have one hour to examine the sources of information and another hour to write five news stories. Afterwards an hour will be required for the presentations and a discussion.Each participant will visit a location in the surrounding area and find three pieces of information. Two hours later all the participants will return and have one hour to write the news and two hours for presentation and feedback.The instructor will choose an event which all the participants must visit. Everyone will find three to five pieces of news related to it (this will be good for comparison).

Recommended max. number of participants and trainees to trainers ratio

10 to 1 4 to 1 for vision impaired/blind participants or trainees with learning difficulties.

Risk and possible adaptation

For Vision Impaired/Blind participants, this activity could become homework to do on their own time at home.For trainees with learning difficulties, allow for them to work in pairs, reduce the number of news items.If trainees have literacy issues, allow them to present the news interview style or as story-telling.

Analysis and evaluation

The Evaluation will examine:Quality of the content, sources used, relevance to the community and how news were selected.


As part of the research module
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