Aim of the activity

To be informed of the function and significance of a radio package (especially jingles and teasers)To be able to prepare and produce a jingle and/or teaser

Expected Outcomes

At the end of the activity, the participants will understand:The legal parameters of a jingle/teaserThe difference between commercials and jingles/teasersThe basic elements necessary for the production of jingles/teasersThe specifics and functions of different elements of a package

experience and skills required

One trainer with good technical skills assisted by a sound engineer.

infrastructure, setting, resources

Studio or portable studio are required for this activity.


About three hours (60 minutes for pre-production, 90 minutes for production and 30 minutes for listening and feedback)


Different players and samplesDigital Editing Software

How the activity should take place

Examples of jingles will be given from different fields of jingle production which should demonstrate each of the elements of a jingle. A discussion should follow.The participants will work in groups of 3-5. Each of them should be given 2-3 days’ time to prepare a script on an assigned subject (e.g. ecology, self-advertisement, politics, social issues etc.). Each group will meet in a workshop which should take about 60 minutes during which all the scripts will be checked, discussed and corrected. During the workshop the group will decide which of them are good enough to be produced into a jingle/teaser. Every group will have 90 minutes to record 2-3 jingles. Each participant will be assigned a basic production role (e.g. director, presenter etc.). While producing the jingles the participants will gain experience in teamwork (e.g. explaining one’s arguments, accepting other people's arguments etc.). The participants performing the role of directors should also learn how to relate to others in the team and especially the necessity of working closely with the presenter. The produced jingles will be played and listened to by the participants. A discussion will follow on each of them on how they could be improved.

Recommended max. number of participants and trainees to trainers ratio

4 to 1 for vision impaired/blind and learning difficulties trainees.

Analysis and evaluation

Participants will feedback on the jingles based on:How informative are the jinglesHow good are they to entice the listener to tune in for the programme


Best after introduction to the studio and Cut-Edit
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