Brief summary of activity

This is an activity the participant will learn about tips to ensure good quality recordings when interviewing a guest at different settings.

Aim of the activity

The participant will learn how to prepare interviews for three different settings (studio, on the phone, on location)

Expected Outcomes

By the end of this session, participants will be able to demonstrate knowledge and skills of the need for technical preparations when facing an interview

experience and skills required

The trainer needs to be familiar with portable recorders, studio equipment and interviewing on different settings.

infrastructure, setting, resources

Studio, Portable recorders.


About 30 minutes.


studio equipmentportable recorder.

How the activity should take place

Ask your participants to tell you what they would consider the key issues when organising an interview. Some of them should be: Live or Pre-recorded?In the studio or over the phone?Who is your interviewee? Check out the sound of their voice (nervous and dull interviewees better pre-record) What to ask?How to ask?In the studioAsk interviewees to be in the studio well in advance of programme (1/2 hour)Give instructions of how to reach the stationCheck microphones, headphones are workingMake sure there is water availableKeep the name of interviewee in large writingLook your guest in the eyeListen to the answers as they may need clarificationOutside the studioAlways confirm time the day beforeMake sure interview will take place in a quiet placeCheck your recording equipment (batteries, microphone, tape or md…)On the phoneUsed a Land line when possible. Mobile phone connexions are unreliable.Check quality on land line (call before the interview to re-check time and availability, as well as quality)Ask to make sure line will not be on use at interview timeCan you make the phone call or need help?

Recommended max. number of participants and trainees to trainers ratio

10 per trainer. (for vision impaired/blind and learning difficulties, 4 per trainer)


Carry out mock interviews at different locations..

Tips for Trainers

Offer trainees a handout with the tips, and ask them to keep them handy when organising their interviews

Analysis and evaluation

Can the trainees remember at least two of the tips for recording interviews at different settings?


Along side interviewing, studio, portable recorders.
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