Brief summary of activity

After learning how to use portable recorders, the participants go in a quest to record different sounds or languages around their town.

Aim of the activity

Raise awareness of different languages or sounds

Expected Outcomes

At the end of this activity, the participants will know:Recording Devices and different types of MicsFurther awareness of the sense of hearingGetting to know how do differ between sounds, languages and people

experience and skills required

Experience on the use of portable recorders

infrastructure, setting, resources

If trainees know digital editing, laptops or studio might be required for editing. If they don't, these wouldn't be necessary.


2 to 4 hours depending whether participants are editing their recordings.


different types of microphones, 8 or more headphones, computers.

How the activity should take place

Divide the group in pairs. Each pair of participants get a portable recorder and could choose if they want to “catch” 5 strange “unknown” sounds or to record 5 “unknown” languages in the city.The two partners should share the task of recording.Back in the studio, they could cut the material (if they already learned how to…), otherwise it has to be clear before, that they need to set the recording in advance, so it won't need editing and it would facilitate the listening experience of the other participants.The added value is the quest feeling behind it and the different material.

Recommended max. number of participants and trainees to trainers ratio

depending on the number of portable recorders, but it should be an even number.


It is possible to make a game out of the activity: who completes the quest first? Where does the language come from, what is that sound?.)
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