Brief summary of activity

This activity focuses on issues of balance and subjectivity that are embed on commentary and review, as well as being a good scripting exercise.

Aim of the activity

To be able to write reviews of cultural products and eventsTo gain knowledge of the specific characteristics of a commentary

Expected Outcomes

After this activity, learners will know about:The specifics of a review and commentaryThe process of writing a reviewThe specific characteristics of reviews and commentaries within the context of radioComposing a review

experience and skills required

Trainers need to be very clear and diplomatic when approaching feedback on the reviews with participants.


about 4 hours, though some of the work will be prepared by participants in advance to the session.


Paper and pens

How the activity should take place

The trainer should inform the participants that they should write the first version of their review at home. Every participant will bring his/her draft version of the review to a consultation session with the trainer in groups of three. During this session each participant's review will be analyse thoroughly and commented on by the instructor individually while the other two participants listen and learn from his/her mistakes. His/her mistakes will be clearly pointed out and instructions will be given on how to be improve his/her work.The participants will present their reviews prepared during the previous days. Everyone will read his/her work aloud. The other participants and the instructor will provide feedback for each review with regards to the criteria laid down during the previous activities.This activity will give the participants an idea of what a commentary is. It is not the goal of this training to enable the participants to write a commentary as it is one of the most demanding journalistic forms. The goal of this activity is to become conscious of one's subjectivity which has an influence over the work of a radio broadcaster. The instructor will give an example of an event of great interest. The participants will have 40 minutes to write a commentary on it lasting 1-2 minutes. They will then present the result of their work. The criteria for its evaluation should be defined by the group.

Recommended max. number of participants and trainees to trainers ratio

1 to 10 1 to 4 for Vision impaired/Blind participants and trainees with learning difficulties.

Risk and possible adaptation

Try to simplify the activity for trainees with learning difficulties. Get them to write a review about a song or a film or TV series that would interest them. Vision impaired/blind trainees might need to e-mail their review in advance and it might take longer for them to read them in public. Offer the possibility to have a sighted person to read it for them if they so wish.

Analysis and evaluation

Analysis and evaluation is built up in the activity


At any time during the training
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