Brief summary of activity

The participants practise the running order of a radio show. They play the show in shortened real-time. It's a fun game.

Aim of the activity

To learn more about the running order.

Expected Outcomes

The participants know which elements are important of the running order and which elements can vary.

experience and skills required

You should be able to motivate the group.

infrastructure, setting, resources

You need some space because the group builds a line or a circle.Furthermore it's better to prepare sheets for the different programme elements, so the participants can easy remember what kind of element they need to represent.


10-20min, it depends on the group. If they like to play the role game it takes more time.


Sheets with the radio elements on them.

How the activity should take place

The trainer distributes the sheets. The participants reflect about the running order. They can take time to talk with each other. In the end it's a decision of the group in which order the different parts of the radio programme are played out.Then the radio show starts. Everyone recreates the sound of the element.Example: 1. Intro music- the person imitates the intro music2. Presentation of the show- the person introduces the content of the radio show3. Song - the person sings or whistles a song4. Interview + Interview- the interviewer asks questions to another person, etc.

Recommended max. number of participants and trainees to trainers ratio

max. 12

Risk and possible adaptation

It really depends on the group how funny this game is. The group can make up interviews, songs etc. It's a creative, funny way to practise the running order.


Do this exercise after the theory on the running order, or the day after as a repetition.
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