Brief summary of activity

Trainees break into production groups and start working towards the production of a programme. They decide on the different sections for the programme, put together a running order and understand each team member responsibility.

Aim of the activity

This activity introduces the basis of programme production and production team work, as well as the use of the running order in a practical way

Expected Outcomes

• identify the elements which will appear in the programme • estimate the timing for each element • organise the structure of the programme • complete a running order including timings for the programme • identify production elements • identify how best to realise these production elements • identify tasks for each member of the production team

experience and skills required

Trainers will require facilitation and production skills


1 hour and 15 minutes


Sample running orders, writing material, flipchart, markers.

How the activity should take place

Trainer introduces what a running order is and its use in programme production (information included in the handout).In production groups, learners must • identify the production features they are going to include in their programme, from previous session learners should have a list of possibilities. • arrange the production features into a structure that tells the story of the programme - logical order for pieces, the purpose of each feature, keep in mind structure of the programme format they are using etc. • work together to estimate the timings for each element and put together a running order for the programme. • drafts a running order for their programme. The group should now have a list of the production features that will be part of their programme - they must figure out how each one will be produced and what role each member of the team will have in each one. See Production meeting handout.Each member of the production team should produce a checklist of what they need to do to realise the various production features. Examples: o Researcher - finding contributors and researching topics o Presenter - drafting scripts and interview questions o Sound technician - arranging recording equipment and best recording environment o Producer - supervising production planning

Recommended max. number of participants and trainees to trainers ratio

10 to 14 to 1 for vision impaired/blind learners and trainees with learning difficulties.

Risk and possible adaptation

Send the running order form to Vision Impaired/ Blind participants in advance.

Analysis and evaluation

Can participants:o identify sections of a programme?o arrange the production features?o estimate the timings for each element and put together a running order?o Identify responsibilities of production team members?


after research, interviewing, genre, programme features.
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