Brief summary of activity

The following activity will explain how to put together intro, outro and links.

Aim of the activity

To identify the right information, language and delivery for intro, outro and link

Expected Outcomes

Participants will be able to demonstrate knowledge and skills of: 1. understand the importance of scripting for radio 2. outline principles of good scripting for radio 3. describe the various types of link and scripted element in radio 4. write a script for a given task

experience and skills required

practical knowledge of the use of microphones and headphones.

infrastructure, setting, resources

training room (portable recorder, microphone, headphones) or studios.


40 Minutes


laptops, writing materials,

How the activity should take place

Trainer asks learners would you get up in front of a large group of people to speak without any notes? - same with radio, scripting is essential. Outline and discuss the importance of scripting for radio. • Improves delivery - less hesitations • Makes the presenter more confident • Avoids giving out wrong information or making mistakes Trainer brings back the programme idea sheet and asks editorial teams to start working on the script for the programme. They record the script on portable recorders to see how it worked.

Recommended max. number of participants and trainees to trainers ratio

10 to 14 to 1 for Vision Impaired learners or trainees with learning difficulties

Risk and possible adaptation

This activity can be delivered to any group, and by eliminating any visual elements and allowing the use of laptops to vision impaired/blind people

Tips for Trainers

Go through the handout with the participants. Remind them to keep the language simple and speak in short sentences.

Analysis and evaluation

Do the participant remember the basic information to be included in an intro?Can they remember the information to include in a link? And in an outro?


After research and interviewing.
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