Brief summary of activity

This is a first approach to the use of microphones and headphones when using a portable recorder or in the studio. It will expose the trainees to a 'live' recording situations as both, interviewee and interviewer.

Aim of the activity

To experience one's own voiceTo efficiently use one's own voice as a toolTo gain confidence with the microphone

Expected Outcomes

At the end of this activity, the learners would have experienced:Using speech as a communication toolUsing one's own voiceSpeaking through microphone and headphonesElements of voice and speechThe relationship between radio and its listenersThe importance of voice for radio work

experience and skills required

The trainer needs to have experience in the use of portable recorder and studio, to assist participants.

infrastructure, setting, resources

Several rooms or a big room and studio might be necessary for the participants to record their interviews.


One hour


One microphoneOne recording device with headphones

How the activity should take place

Each participant will be asked to tell another participant something about his/her favourite musician and the reasons for this preference. The task is to address this one person only. Everybody should do this activity on topics ranging from books, film, sport etc.Each participant will be given the task to share with another participant his/her most notable event of the day using a microphone and headphones. Each participant will carry out this activity in succession. A feedback round and a discussion on the experiences will follow.

Recommended max. number of participants and trainees to trainers ratio

10 (1 to 4 for trainees with learning difficulties, 1 to 2 for visually impaired/blind participants)

Analysis and evaluation

Have the participants experience the interviewee/interviewer role?Have participants understand the situation of the interviewee (shyness, nervousness at the presence of portable recorder or studio equipment, etc ) and can they find ways to facilitate the interviewee?Have they come to terms to the sound of their voice in radio?


As an Introduction to portable recorders or the studio
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