Brief summary of activity

The activity will prepare participants for scripting and reading news.

Aim of the activity

To be able to write reliable, interesting, dynamic and informative radio newsTo be able to present news

Expected Outcomes

At the end of the activity, participants will knowHow to get informationFind Sources of informationThe Evaluation of sources and materialsThe principles for selecting and sorting news in order of importanceHow to do news writingTo carry out an evaluation of news in terms of its value for the general publicHow to reading written news using a microphoneThe changing importance of individual news items within one day

experience and skills required

Facilitation and news reporting skills.

infrastructure, setting, resources

Microphone, headphones, recording deviceInternet access and access to news/press agency services if possible


A full day

How the activity should take place

Reading written texts: The instructor will read the first sentence silently. Then he/she will read the sentence aloud to one of the participants. The instructor will then read the next sentence silently, and then again will read it aloud to one of the participants. In the next step the instructor will read aloud another sentence, this time also silently reading the next sentence before he/she has stopped speaking the previous sentence. The aim is to show the participants how to read the following sentence while speaking the previous one. Afterwards the instructor will divide the participants into pairs in order to practise this activity.The following activity is ideal for 12 participants. In one hour they should prepare a newsflash lasting one minute. The first participant will take the microphone on the hour. He/she will have one minute to present the news. The instructor will immediately give feedback regarding the choice of news, the order in which the stories were presented and how well they were written and read. The instructor will have 4 minutes to do this, as after 5 minutes the next participant will start the activity again. Each of the 12 participants should repeat the activity 5 times. The entire process will take a minimum of 6 hours. Each participant will repeat the activity an hour after his/her last go. Within this hour in between he/she will refine his/her work. The best location for this activity would be a studio with a technician assisting the instructor so that the participants have the benefit of listening to their products immediately.

Tips for Trainers

Trainers should be assisted by a technician if possible. It is also possible to use two instructors if the sharing of tasks is clear.Activities concerning different aspects of voice and reading training are enclosed in the appendix. In the case of a participant having a speech impediment, special individual training should be provided

Analysis and evaluation

Evaluation is built in within the activity


Scripting, after research
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