Brief summary of activity

The participants compare the recordings of a presentation which is written beforehand and one presentation without notes. They learn important rules for scripting.

Aim of the activity

To make clear the important rules for scripting.

Expected Outcomes

The learing experience about the important rules for scripting.

experience and skills required

The trainer should be familiar with scripting.

infrastructure, setting, resources

A studio or recording devices.




- very short articles- recording devices

How the activity should take place

The participants get a small article (only 5-6 sentences) from a newspaper or internet portal (culture event, political decision, etc.). Two of the participants get the same article. One rewrites it for a presentation. The other reads it, puts it away, goes into the studio and retells it with his own words, without notes (and without much advice from the trainer beforehand).Then all go into the studio. We listen to the recorded version. The one who rewrote the article sits at the mixing desk and reeds the text into the microphone, (trainer or participant records). After each pair, we discuss, what are the differences in free talking compared to writing down and the rules for radio scripting.

Recommended max. number of participants and trainees to trainers ratio

max. 10

Tips for Trainers

With this activity, also recording in the studio can be practised. If your are working with visually impaired people, make sure to have articles on the computer.

The participants should be able to reflect on a written text. This activity is not really suitable for people with learning disabilities.

Analysis and evaluation

While listening to the two recorded version, the group can discuss the rules for scripting.


Before scripting .This can also be used as a exercise for practice studio techniques.
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